New Music Website - Pay What You Want

Posted by Dave Eddy on Jul 26 2017 - tags: music

Dedicated Music Site -

Three years ago I released my first album Memories. This album was recorded from 2008 to 2012, and contains songs written from as early as 2006. The recordings were resurrected, mastered, and finalized in 2014. Most of these songs were composed in college, with a few done in high school and some after college as well.

I uploaded this album to BandCamp, SoundCloud, and iTunes. Since then, I've made a lot more music that I've uploaded to SoundCloud, as well as randomly to my YouTube channel. While these sites and services have been great, in the last 3 years I've identified 3 main issues I have using them.

1. Cost

I pay a yearly fee to have my album hosted on iTunes as well as other services (spotify, etc.) using TuneCore. I pay a yearly fee to SoundCloud to have as many tracks as I have uploaded to them. And, while I don't pay a yearly fee to BandCamp, I do pay a percentage of any of the proceeds I make from my album sales (which has been nothing in the last 2.5 years). In the last 2 years I've made around $3.00 from my music, and have paid over $100.00 in hosting fees.

I don't mind paying for good service - and these services are great! But when it comes down to it, I'm just not that popular of an artist, and I don't make much money off of music - certainly not enough to cover these costs. Part of the cost, of course, is for them to store and serve my music files over the Internet, which brings me to my next point:


Indoor Wood Railing with Metal Balusters

Posted by Dave Eddy on Jun 09 2017 - tags: diy

When I moved into my house, the closest thing to a railing it had was a folded piece of cardboard that just stood by the stairs. My Mom always complained to me that I needed a railing, and that someone could seriously hurt themselves... it just took me a couple years to do anything about that warning :p.

I decided to build a railing myself with a dark stained wood and black metal balusters.


DIY CD Wall Rack

Posted by Dave Eddy on May 29 2017 - tags: diy

I moved the Mug Rack I built recently which freed up some wall space. I decided to build a CD rack to hang on the wall so I could have a place to display my collection instead of hiding them in a closet.


End Table Repair and Renewal

Posted by Dave Eddy on May 28 2017 - tags: diy

My sister Jaime broke the glass to one of her favorite tables. I took the legs home, gave them a new look with some Burnished Amber spray paint, and created a brand new wood top with some pine scraps I had lying around stained with a coat of Provincial pine stain from Minwax.


Raspberry PI WiFi Hang Fix

Posted by Dave Eddy on May 17 2017 - tags: tech

If you have a Raspberry Pi on WiFi then you are probably aware of the struggles with it randomly disconnecting. If anything goes wrong with the WiFi (access point restarts, IP address changes, you look at the pi the wrong way, etc.) the WiFi will drop and never fix itself. I've written a script called net-dev-kick to kick the network device if a ping check fails.

There are a lot of small scripts floating around forums that do what net-dev-kick does (albeit, poorly and with a lot of assumptions) so I decided to clean it all up and make a simple yet robust program to deal with this situation.

This script attempts to ping a server that should always be up (use your router or something similar) and if it fails, it restarts the interface given as $1.

net-dev-kick is intended to be used on the raspberry pi to fix wlan0, but can theoretically be used on any machine to fix any interface. It's best used as a cronjob that runs every 5 or so minutes.


Ikea Patio Table Wood Top

Posted by Dave Eddy on May 16 2017 - tags: diy

I bought a patio set of furniture from Ikea when I was living in California around 2011/2012. I was using it up until last year as a desk for my iMac that I replaced with a DIY Computer Desk. My mom gave me the idea to make a wood top for it and turn it into a dining room table - so I did!


Bed Headboard

Posted by Dave Eddy on Nov 07 2016 - tags: diy

I decided to make a headboard to accompany the Bed Frame I built earlier this year.

Instead of worrying about how to connect it to my bed frame I sort of cheated, and just framed it up and mounted it to the wall like a hanging picture.


DIY Sliding Barn Bedroom and Bathroom Doors

Posted by Dave Eddy on Nov 06 2016 - tags: diy

After seeing how much I liked the DIY Closet Barn Doors that I made, I decided to make new doors for my bedroom and upstairs bathroom.

I had already purchased some hardware (that I used for the bathroom door) from Lowe's about a year ago, so I ended up by what new pieces I would need to finish the bedroom and bathroom doors from Amazon