What's Open for iOS

Posted by Dave Eddy on 09 Nov 2013

Use What's Open to find places around you that are currently open

I just released What's Open for iOS this morning. Check it out for $1.99 in the App Store.

Open this app to see a map that automatically zooms to your current location and shows every place around you that is open - Complete with "food" and "pizza" buttons!

  • Find all places around you that are currently open
  • See how long you have until a business closes (ie. 30 minutes left!)
  • Search for keywords like "pasta", "Chinese", "bars", etc.
  • Easily open your favorite maps app for navigation
  • Quickly call any place you find
  • Share places found on Facebook and Twitter
  • Eat at new restaurants, visit new locations!
  • Great for finding late night spots

Directory Management with cd

Posted by Dave Eddy on 14 Sep 2013

You cd around like you normally would, and the directories are pushed into a stack. Use the function s to view the stack of directories, and run s "$num" to cd into the directory listed. Use b to jump back 1 directory.

I was inspired by this article written by Derek Wyatt about directory management in BASH. The code I've written for this accomplishes most of the same tasks, but does so with about 1/3 of the code, as this was written specifically for BASH (no legacy KSH bits) and doesn't implement any of the fancier features for cd.


In the above example I cd around a bit, and then run s to see what the current stack looks like. The current stacks shows all of my previous directories in reverse order (limited to $CD_STACK_MAX entries, which defaults to 15).

The code is on GitHub here https://github.com/bahamas10/bash-cdstack

What's Open Now?

Posted by Dave Eddy on 18 Jun 2013

You sit down to watch the LMN premier of Drew Peterson: Untouchable, when next thing you know, you just watched LMN for the last 6 hours, it is now 4am, and you're hungry. The obvious question is "What's open?", but where do you find the answer?

What's Open has the answer.

What's Open is a free service that uses Google Maps to show what places are around you are currently open.


Skye came up with the idea, and I wrote the code.

You can view the site here http://whatsopen.pw

As well as view the source code here https://github.com/bahamas10/whats-open

Synchronous File IO in Node.js

Posted by Dave Eddy on 26 Mar 2013

Does calling fs.writeFileSync trigger a synchronous write to the file system?

If you are familiar with Node.js, or have at least heard of it, you've most likely heard that it uses non-blocking IO, and lets you do work asynchronously. One of the most basic APIs that Node provides is for the file system; With this API, you can read, write, remove, etc. files and do other file system related tasks and modifications.

This API follows a standard pattern of exposing 2 functions for each operation: one for asynchronous work, and the other for synchronous work. For example, if you want to read a file in Node you can do so asynchronously:

var fs = require('fs');
fs.readFile('/etc/passwd', function(err, buf) {

Node will continue executing any javascript code it encounters while reading the file. Once all javascript is done being executed and the file is ready, it will run the anonymous function and print the file contents.


Unfreeze Photoshop

Posted by Dave Eddy on 27 Feb 2013

Unfreeze a frozen Photoshop on Mac

I wrote an app to unfreeze a stuck or frozen photoshop. If you're running photoshop, and it starts beachballing, or not responding on you, try running this. This application will help if suddenly you have a frozen photoshop, and you want to fix it.

Download the app


Read more about it here or check out this blog post

High Performance Node.js Logging with console.log buffering

Posted by Dave Eddy on 06 Dec 2012

Buffer calls to console.log, console.warn, etc. for high performance logging


Calls to console.log, console.error, etc. are synchronous, and as such, will block the event loop while the data is being written to a file, terminal, socket, pipe, etc.

This module provides a seamless, drop-in buffer for all calls to these functions, and flushes them when the buffers exceed a certain size (8k by default).

See Known Issues for timing concerns with this module.

View the project on GitHub


pcurl - Node Module

Posted by Dave Eddy on 26 Oct 2012

Concurrently curl a list of hosts and print the results


View the project page on GitHub


Used as a command line tool

pcurl url1 url2 url3 ...

or pipe through stdin

pcurl < newline_sep_list_of_urls.txt


perms - Node Module

Posted by Dave Eddy on 25 Sep 2012

Convert Unix style permissions to strings like ls (0755 => 'rwxr-xr-x')

I wrote this module to make it easy to print out nice looking permissions in my scripts before calling fs.chmod for the user.



var perms = require('perms');

Convert a mode to a human-readable string like ls(1) generates

var p = perms.toString('0755');




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